Negativity has no place here

Negativity…(or darkness as I like to call it)

  1. Yes we have heard it all before negative attracts negative. And yes it is true. There is no greater time than now to clean up your garden (another term for life) don’t wait any longer. If you are being drawn down or held back by a negative friend, negative job, negative relationship, addiction that has negative results, negative mindset it is time to pull those weeds out. Toxic matter – if you think hard enough you know what it is, it gets you down, it clutters your mind, hurts your soul, makes you feel unworthy and unhappy and you know what? Life is too short. Do not ever, EVER feel guilty for making changes to better yourself by cutting this shit out, it is your duty to yourself and others around you that may be affected to not allow this any longer. Now is the time. Free yourself, break those chains. You are worthy, you deserve to be sorrounded with greatness and positivity. Living your best life never consisted of settling so do not settle for anything short of amazing!

NW x

Finding our voice

I have spent many of my 30 years being the person who always said YES. The people pleaser. Who knew how to stand up for myself in my head and heart but was never able to voice this to others. My opinion often went unheard and un valued because my voice let me down.

As a child I was so confident i wanted to have my name in bright lights, be a singer, dancer , actress…I had a voice. Somewhere along the way my voice was dulled and I found myself holding onto many thoughts, opinions and truths that I wouldn’t allow myself to speak. Whilst doing this and holding back for so long the confidence I was gifted with as a child was stolen and I started to suppress many things. I allowed people to walk all over me including boyfriends, friends, colleagues, family members and bosses never standing my ground and being absolutely petrified of using my voice to protect myself , my values and my worth.

Eventually i found myself naturally giving advice and sharing my knowledge and opinions with close friends, whanau, colleagues and sometimes strangers, this brought me much happiness and fulfilment and i practiced this until I realized that others were quick to trust and open up to me. I noticed that they would come to me for my guidance and support on many topics or areas of their lives which i found extremely humbling.

Thankfully this helped me grow in confidence and trust and in recent times I have learned to say no to things I do not love, enjoy and value and more importantly I have learned that my voice is very powerful , I owe it to myself to hold my ground and stand up for myself or others when it is called for.

I encourage you to use your voice, don’t shy away or worry about the judgment of others – life is far too short for that. Do not hold back that inner voice which is often intuition and very powerful, speak on it, voice it!

What an empowering transition and movement it has been , to shed those feelings of disbelief and unworthiness within and now feel victorious in my ability to support myself.

It is a journey but I am so grateful that I am on my way. Why don’t you join me?

NW x



Naomi Wilson here. I am a 30 year old mumma of two rad boys 7 & 10 and an average wife (jokes, i am thee best) to a bloody awesome hubby. I have loved to write for as long as I can remember (although i have never learned how to write properly or formally so please be nice) I have been searching for a creative outlet for a long time so thought I would give this blogging bizzo a whirl.

I am on a journey towards fulfilment, freedom and self worth and would love you to join me for the ride. Maybe you can take something from what I have learned along the way with you. I want to help people in this precious life I have been gifted with and if I can do so with the words that i share then I will be grateful for that.

  • You may hear logical, simple advice here that you’ve heard before but I do believe we must hear things multiple times before it resonates with us, so hopefully something touches you at the perfect time, whatever your season.

Sneak peak Blog post #2’s topic will be ‘finding your voice’

Welcome to our space – justanotherselfhelpblog

NW x